Salesforce for Human Services Organizations 

Human Services organizations serve our communities in multiple ways, from supporting at-risk youth to helping the homeless find housing, offering services to our country’s veterans and so much more. Many rely on these programs in their time of need, so staying organized and getting it right, the first time, is important. Many of these organizations turn to Salesforce to manage their programs, constituents, and donors. To enhance this experience, Cloud for Good has developed our Human Services Accelerators designed for program and constituent management.  

Human Services Accelerator 

The Cloud for Good Human Services Accelerators will empower your organization with the tools you need to better serve your constituents. You’ll be able to:  

  • See, at a glance, your clients, case managers, volunteers, and other important information 
  • Fully utilize the new Case Management and Program Management products (our accelerators are compatible with these new solutions) 


Our accelerator is comprised of assets that will ensure you can enjoy all the benefits Salesforce has to offer without limiting your growth or the flexibility of the platform. You can read more about the difference between the Salesforce packages and other ISV solutions here. 

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Get Connected with Salesforce Case Management

Succeed from the Start with Intake Management 

Intake Management

The first step for any Program or Case Manager is handling their constituent’s intake process. Typically, this means paper forms being manually entered into your system. This process can cost your Program and Case Managers precious time and are often prone to human error. Instead, let Cloud for Good help you create a digital intake process that works seamlessly with Salesforce’s Program and Case Management solutions. We’ll work with you to create a detailed intake form that your constituents can fill out online or at your office, letting you focus on the constituents you serve.

“Few, if any, other organizations that serve homeless people have this type of intelligence. We outlined our goals to end homelessness and Cloud for Good has assisted us in transforming the way we interact with the clients we serve.”

 Craig Garber, Chief Financial Officer

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Utilizing Cloud for Good Assets

Target Matching

With Target Matching, you’re able to use the data you’ve curated to help create strong relationships founded on data. Whether you’re matching mentors to mentees, potential program participants to specific socio-economic qualifications, or constituents to a case manager, you’re sure to make the right choice with our ranked matches based on your specific criteria. LEARN MORE.

Workshop Management

Manage group programs, workshops, training, and more from one, central location. Working in tandem with Salesforce Program and Case Management Solutions, our Workshop Management Application will allow you to collect online enrollment information, process fees, manage multiple meetings, track meeting attendance, and mass enroll a group of constituents.  LEARN MORE.

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“Our Salesforce implementation allowed us to widen our positive impact on New Yorkers. We are providing more services, reducing wait time, and saving money thanks to the centralized system and automation that was built into our application. Salesforce is our secret source.”

Alyssa Herman, Chief Development Officer

Badges Application

The Cloud for Good Badges application provides personalized visualizations that alert, inform, and engage every user. These visual representations provide your Salesforce users with key information, at a glance. You’ll be able to easily highlight your clients based on their engagement or risk levels, identify, or make other constituent types stand out using visual indicators at the top of your records. LEARN MORE.

Interest Application 

With the Interest Application, you’ll be able to track the interests and preferences of constituents, whether that be in the areas of program focus, services required, demographics, or volunteer opportunities where their constituents’ expression of interest is often requested by our clients. When you use this in combination with Salesforce reporting and our Target Accelerator, you can rely on these interests for reporting, mailing lists, campaigns, or other forms of outreach. LEARN MORE.

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“Cloud for Good was supportive of our goals, understood our needs, and offered solutions that would help us overcome the challenges we were facing. Ending homelessness is our main objective and the implementation of communities is connecting people to further our mission.”

Elizabeth Hewson, Director of Strategic Initiatives

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Migration Accelerator

The power of Salesforce lays in its ability to connect, integrate, and bring your fundraising, marketing, and program team into one single source of truth. Whether you’re on Efforts to Outcome, Raiser’s Edge, or a home-grown system, we’ve created a tool to extract your data, transfer it into Salesforce, and load your system and legacy information without missing a beat. LEARN MORE.