Many nonprofit organizations and higher education institutes are looking to transform their technology with the Salesforce Nonprofit or Education Clouds. This may mean migrating from legacy systems such as Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge, Ellucian’s Banner Advancement, Blackbaud’s Luminate CRM or NGO Connect.

The Cloud for Good Advantage

At Cloud for Good, we understand that choosing Salesforce means more than just moving your data. With the Salesforce Nonprofit or Education Clouds, you’re choosing to enhance the way you manage your constituents, raise funds, manage your programs, increase engagement and so much more.

That’s why for almost a decade we’ve helped countless clients migrate to Salesforce from many different types of legacy systems. We’ve taken this experience with legacy systems along with our knowledge of their architectures and tailored our methodology, the tools we use and even created additional accelerators all designed to better map your existing data to the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) and Education Data Architectures (EDA) to streamline your migration experience.

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Are you migrating from other systems?

Our ETL is incredibly flexible and allows us to customize the solution so that your organization can benefit from most of the advantages of the pre-defined accelerators.

Advantages of our accelerators:

  • Reduce time and risk in your migration
  • Utilize pre-built mapping logic so that you don’t have to start from zero
  • Migrate your data and ask for your feedback constantly (not just at the end of the build phase) allowing you to both familiarize yourself with the system and also constantly improve your specific mapping and logic
  • Minimize the interruption to your operation. No need to wait weeks for a sample data migration and a delta data migration. We can go live with your data (even tens of millions of records!) in a very short time.

A Proven Approach

Cloud for Good uses an iterative approach to our ETL data migrations. This takes an often-risky process and transforms it, allowing you to see your data live. With every sprint, you’ll see your data in Salesforce to help expose data quality issues earlier in the process. This method also helps limit human error with a consistent and predictable approach.

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“When the decision was made at JA Worldwide to migrate from Salesforce NGO Connect to Salesforce NPSP, a diligent RFP process was put in place to find the ideal partner for the project…After completion of the extensive RFP process, it was determined that Cloud for Good could be the ideal partner JA Worldwide was searching for.” – Joseph Tortora, Senior Director – Global Operations, JA Worldwide and Erin Martin, Manager – Global Operations and technical services, JA Worldwide

Migration accelerators powered by Jitterbit.

migration accelerators

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