Our team is here to help you take advantage of all Wave has to offer. We offer packages ranging from a simple and straightforward implementation of the application, to integration with multiple data sources and custom training options to make sure all of your team is on the same page and able to maximize all the benefits Wave has to offer your organization.

Nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions of all sizes collect large volumes of data about their donors, volunteers, advocates, subscribers, operations, and programs.  As with their counterparts in the for-profit world, much of this data resides in databases, spreadsheets, and external systems that make it difficult to truly create a 360-degree view of their organization. 

With the availability of Einstein Analytics (formerly known as “Wave”), these organizations now have a platform to view that data, gain insights about their constituents, and leverage the Salesforce platform to act upon and improve outcomes.  The Einstein Analytics tool provided by Salesforce allows you to visualize the activity taking place within your unique Salesforce environment, offering invaluable insights and health checks into all your data.  No matter your utilization of the Salesforce platform, this AI-powered advanced analytics solutions connects directly with your CRM data, generating reports and dashboards that shine a light on the most important aspects of your data utilization, as well as identifying areas of improvement.  These tools and their insights are designed to grant an ease of access for your organization’s opportunities and help provide a system conducive to progress and growth. 

Einstein analytics

Ready to get Connected with Salesforce Einstein Analytics

While Salesforce Enterprise Edition, Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), and NGO Connect come equipped with many reports and dashboards, Einstein Analytics takes it a step further.  It allows you to drill down to any data point, helping you visualize Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to spot trends.  Want to know if a particular fundraising campaign is working?  Einstein can help.  Einstein Analytics lets you see these trends immediately, allowing you to take action even quicker.  It comes with the security that you would expect from Salesforce, keeping all of your data safe.  To learn more about Einstein Analytics or to view a demo, click here. 

Our team is here to help you take advantage of all Einstein Analytics has to offer.  We are able to provide your higher education institution or nonprofit organization with packages ranging from a simple and straightforward implementation of the application to the integration with multiple data sources and custom training options to make sure all of your team is on the same page. We’ll help you to maximize all the benefits of Einstein Analytics and ensure you’re gaining access to the most pertinent, actionable data for the wellbeing of your institution or organization. 

Get Started with Einstein Analytics 


Our Analytics for Good QuickStart Service is designed to quickly help organizations get up and running with Einstein Analytics by focusing on a core data set (within either the Nonprofit Success Pack or Volunteers for Salesforce), delivering a set of Lenses and two (2) Dashboards based on templates provided by Cloud for Good and which are optimized for use on desktop and mobile devices.  This Salesforce implementation package focuses on key planning and decision making, custom configurations, and provides the essential training necessary to help grow your organization and deliver on your unique missions. 

Salesforce Einstein Analytics
Einstein Organizational Analytics

Organizational Analytics

This service package is designed to take your organization beyond analytics for a single subject area and instead provides in-depth insight spanning your higher education institution’s or nonprofit organization’s total operations.  Your data can open up a world of possibility, keying you into key opportunities, outcome predictions, and recommendations to inform your strategies moving forward.  Cloud for Good works directly in line with your overarching goals to provide analytics across two to four different functional areas (e.g. fundraising, marketing, finance, volunteers) or on a more complex underlying data set (e.g. NGOC, an external data source, Efforts to Outcomes).  Tailor your analytics and data information in order to improve business outcomes with exacting precision and guided recommendations directly from Einstein Analytics. 

Custom Analytics

For those organizations with even more complex needs, Cloud for Good will work closely with your decision-makers to determine the scope and depth of your needs.  Salesforce Einstein Analytics provided unrivaled data integrity within a concise cloud-based analytics platform.  This tool integrates seamlessly with the Salesforce platform and has the ability to take your reporting capabilities to the next level through extensive data manipulation and visualization capabilities. 

Custom Einstein Analytics

Einstein Analytics Experts

Our Salesforce-certified consultants have experience with Einstein Analytics and will work with you to implement this powerful analytics solution.  We have worked with many nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions over the years and want to help you unleash the power of Salesforce Einstein Analytics to further your mission.  Having access to more metrics and KPIs will help you focus on what is working and tweak what may not currently be working for you. 

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