At Cloud for Good, we believe that those committed to creating a positive change in the world should have access to the best people, technology, and funds. There is so much good already happening in our communities. The Cloud for Good corporate social responsibility program is designed to help these “do gooders” be more effective in achieving their mission. Inspired by the Salesforce Foundation’s integrated 1-1-1 model, we deploy our expertise, technology, partnership and financial resources to strengthen our communities and help them prosper.

Volunteer Time

In order to build the vibrant, healthy, and safe communities we want for our employees and customers, we encourage all full time employees at Cloud for Good to give back to the communities where we work and live. To encourage and promote employee volunteering we have established a Volunteer Time Off (VTO) policy. Our employees can donate up to 3 days (1% of their time) per calendar year toward an eligible organization, in accordance with Cloud for Good’s giving and volunteering guidelines. As of January 2018, 1,000 volunteer hours have been given back to the nonprofit community.

Grants for Good

To help fuel innovation and change we are committed to granting 1% of our profit to eligible organizations every year as part of our Grants for Good process. Cloud for Good has given back $147,000 to nonprofits as of January 2018.

Product Donation

We strongly believe that technology can be a powerful force that can help organizations more efficient and effective. That’s why we donate and discount our Salesforce AppExchange products to help organization focus on achieving their mission.

Program Eligibility

To be eligible for the Cloud for Good integrated 1-1-1 program, your organization must receive a 501(c)3 designation from the Internal Revenue Service. However, please note that eligibility for our program is at our sole discretion.

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