Nonprofit organizations within the health and wellness fields have a unique responsibility to spread awareness of their causes, services, and sciences to all.  The various facets of the healthcare and life science industries feature complex business environments and unique challenges.  With the Salesforce implementation services provided by Cloud for Good, your organization can maintain a patient and member-centric approach to connect your many constituents together in the pursuit of one singular mission.  We intimately understand the importance of your health and wellness organization, and we want to help position you towards success in both the present and future. 

Nonprofits who work within healthcare and related fields help raise awareness and funds for diseases, while providing patients and caregivers with the tools necessary to manage their diagnoses.  As you increase your messaging and connect the people, systems, and organizations necessary to following up on that mission, Cloud for Good is here to help create transformational value for your health and wellness organization through technology.  Salesforce is fully customizable, configurable to your specific needs, and can drastically alter the way you reach and interact with your audience. 

salesforce for health organizations

Become A Salesforce Connected Organization

Health & Wellness Salesforce Solutions

Salesforce Case Management
Tracking information in spreadsheets has become a thing of the past.  Manage your program efforts and measure your outcomes online, from anywhere at any time with Salesforce for case management and program management.  In-depth analytics and tracking tools can provide both a single source of truth for your organization as well as an all-encompassing wellness check on the health of your systems and programs.  Don’t let invaluable data fall by the wayside, utilize nonprofits case management and increase the effectiveness of your organization’s mission. 
Provide your entire organization with a 360-degree view of every interaction between your staff with donors and/or volunteers.  Cultivate these relationships by managing your fundraising process across multiple channels.  Ensure every aspect of your organization maintains a unified view of your constituents.  Utilize the Salesforce Health Cloud to integrate your data, gain a deeper level of insight into your constituents, and use that data to inform your fundraising efforts!  From individual donors to major gift officers, Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud is built to provide a scalable business model that will directly benefit fundraising efforts. 
Marketing Communications
Delivering the right message at the right time is key to becoming a connected nonprofit.  Build donor and volunteer journeys through multiple channels using emails, social, and mobile.  The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is built for sustained growth, allowing your marketing platform to grow alongside the mission of your organization.  Salesforce is built to be plugged into, allowing your organization to run as designed, according to the best practices of your unique internal goals, not to the restrictions of your technology.  When it comes down to it, running your organization is all about building and cultivating relationships.  Form true connections with your donors and don’t let restrictive technology hold your mission back. 
Increase Engagement
Collaborate with staff, donors, volunteers, and patients to accelerate your mission.  Drive social change and raise awareness for your cause with Salesforce.  Utilize Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud integration to tailor digital marketing messages for the right ask, on the right medium, at the exact right time for each of your constituents.  Data analytic tools provide you with in-depth reporting on engagement, donations, and more.  Examine a wider view of your constituents and customize your messaging to reach those constituents quicker and with added efficiency. 
Analytics with Salesforce
Einstein Analytics lets you dive deeper into the data you are storing about your constituents (volunteers, donors, members, patients, etc.).  These analytics provided by Salesforce enable a more integrated and flexible data system, enabling your organization to make clear, actionable decisions based on cold, hard data.  Gain insights on all manner of constituent touchpoints, from email marketing to event attendance and everything in between.  Expand on your reports, drilling down into data housed across multiple systems to get pertinent information that will help you, help those you serve. 
Long Term Donors
With a 360-degree view of your constituents, your organization can track, communicate, engage and manage your prospects and donors. These tools will help you create long-term donors and better relationships with your constituents. Utalizing Salesforce to communicate with donors and prospects will overall increase funds and allow you to create better, more meaningful relationships.
salesforce for health and wellness
Salesforce for wellness organizations

“We chose to work with Cloud for Good because their team was knowledgeable and collaborative.  They listened to our processes and helped us create a solution that would work for us on the Salesforce platformThis new platform is critical in helping our staff better serve our patients and families through easy accessibility and maintenance of key data.”

– Jeannine M. Houlihan, Chief Information Officer 

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