Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) is your set of business processes and underlying applications which help manage all your constituent information, activities, and conversations. With the right CRM application, your programs, marketing, and development teams can understand every constituent and deliver them the right service, message, or answer. 

Cloud for Good provides solutions for nonprofits through creating transformational value with Salesforce.  Recognized as a Gold Consulting Partner, we are proud to work side-by side with you and your constituents as the most trusted nonprofit salesforce implementation partner in our space. 

Do more good with a smarter, more efficient Salesforce system and do more to help the organizations that matter to you. 

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Move to the Cloud

We can help your organization achieve its unique mission and better serve your community. It’s time to move to the cloud and enjoy: 

  • Centralized information so that your team can use one list of all the organizations and constituents with which you work
  • Donation and grant management from pledge to payment including individual donations and grants 
  • Program management from one location to provide a centralized place to share updates, files, and every “touch” that your team has with your clients 
  • Volunteer management allowing you to manage, utilize, and maximize your volunteers in ways previously unimaginable 
  • Recruit, track, and manage efficiently in order to expand a volunteer base fitting of your expanded mission 
  • Identify prospective volunteers and retain top contributors 
  • Easy to track social media and marketing campaigns across all channels from prospect to donor, volunteer, or client 
  • Omnichannel approach allows for increased visibility and message clarity
  • Custom reports and dashboards – without a need for programmers – to gain immediate access to meaningful metrics 
  • Performance measurement to understand the impact of your activities and programs 
  • Revolutionize your volunteer management through mobile capabilities that keep you connected so you can juggle, track, and access vital information like giving history, program information, and dashboards wherever you are 
  • The ability to collect online enrollment information, process fees online, manage multiple meetings, track meeting attendance, and more
  • Salesforce Community collaboration tools which can connect you with your staff, constituents, and other stakeholders 
  • Tracking all your conversations with your supporters, their availability, and qualifications in one place
Salesforce for nonprofits

Unlock Your Potential With Salesforce

The Nonprofit Success Pack
Built for nonprofits with their constituents and communities in mind, the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) connects nonprofits to an infrastructure comprised of seamless technology solutions.  Integrate with Salesforce’s flexible, open data architecture and allow us to streamline your volunteer management with the help of our dedicated support staff. 
Streamline Your Solutions
Finding solutions for nonprofits has never been easier than it is now with the foundational platform made available through the NPSP. Manage your organization’s mission with confidence and experience the benefits achievable with Salesforce for fundraising. A global community comprised of thought leaders and problem solvers across all manner of industries have expounded their impacts and unlocked their potential with NPSP.
Smarter Management for the Digital Age
Cloud for Good provides your constituents with an omnichannel approach to providing solutions for their every need through Salesforce.  We provide higher education institutions and nonprofit organizations with unparalleled support through the Sales, Service, Marketing, and Community Clouds and beyond.  Secure your piece of mind and unlock your organization’s potential through the power of the cloud. 
Raise Funds Faster
Utilizing Salesforce for fundraising simplifies and diversifies your organization’s ultimate goal of funding the missions central to their operations and building meaningful relationships.  Cloud for Good firmly believes that socially conscientious giving is built on the foundation of these relationships.
Build Relationships
Connect, track, and maintain constituent relationships like never before with Salesforce nonprofit solutions personalized to the unique needs of you and your organization. 
Connect & Engage Constituents
Through the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), and its preconfigured focus on nonprofit solutions, never before has the complete history of your organization’s constituent base been so readily available.  From giving history to program involvement, detailed information on household makeups and donor summaries, NPSP is built from the ground up with constituent engagement in mind.  Improve your data quality and learn more from those engaged with your mission through the #1 CRM from Salesforce. 
implementation best practices

Salesforce Implementation Best Practices

Interested in learning more reccomendatiosn about best practices as you move forward in your Salesforce implementation? Download our FREE Implementation Best Practices EBook. In this book, we provide you with expert recommendation globally applicable for the implementation of any new technology tool. 

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